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Heavily inspired by The Lord of the Rings, Warhammer Fantasy, and Warcraft, Warmonger™ is a free to play, real-time strategy mobile game set in a mythical fantasy world. The game will comprise of competitive battles & wars (PvP & Group PvP), strategizing & managing resources, and kingdom building. In this release, players will experience the never-ending conflict between the races of Human and Orc as they seek to exterminate each other and claim dominance in the world of Warmonger™.

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Warmonger™ will be available on iOS and Android simultaneously in all English speaking countries. Language packs will shortly be patched in and made available for all countries, ideally. Currently, we are in the final stages of pushing towards our Alpha phase, which will kick off in September 2018. Our Closed Beta will follow in the period of end October 2018, lasting between 1 to 2 weeks.

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Yes, you can.


Each player is given one race slot. More race slots are available to players via the in-game shop, allowing them to enjoy the experience of building up kingdoms of either race. While one account may only be part of one Alliance at any given time, players are free to switch between races as long as they are not involved in a war.


Progress of these kingdoms are kept separate, but resources such as diamonds and special items are shared. This means you can freely switch between races while sticking with the same Alliance teammates!

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With 11 unique troops for each race, you will be given access to a wide variety of offensive and defensive strategies. Rush the enemy kingdom with Tanks, Soldiers, and Giants? Or engage in long range battle with Archers, Siege Machines, and Mages? It's all up to you!

Adding to that diversity, we are introducing an all-new Champion Mode in Warmonger™. This feature allows you to raise the status of your troops to that of Champion, unlocking their special passive skill. Simply collect 3 Champion Seal Fragments to form a complete Champion Seal, and use it on the troop of your choosing.

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Discover the hidden skill of all 11 troops!

Also in Warmonger™ is the addition of unique high-level troops known as Elites and Heroes. Aside from having higher base stats than regular troops, these Elites and Heroes have unique passive and active skills, bringing even more variety to the battlefield.

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Discover and unlock all Troops, Elites, and Heroes to gain the ultimate advantage in battle!

Human Elite Render.png

Humans Elite

Human Hero Render.png

Heroes: Humans Tank

Human Hero Archer Render.png

Heroes: Humans Range

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Turrets will form the backbone of the defense of your base, and a spine is most effective when it is flexible. To give you maximum flexibility, Warmonger™ will feature 10 turret types for you to fortify your base with. Turrets range from short range cannons, to long range artillery, and even to magical crystals that use trapped spirits to defeat enemy Troops!

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3 of the 10 available turrets

However, your defensive flexibility doesn't end at the variety of Turrets available. Warmonger™ is introducing an all-new turret stacking mechanic that will allow you to stack up to 3 turrets together. Ever want to combine turrets to form the ultimate defensive machine? You can do it in Warmonger™! Defend your base in any way you can imagine!

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Gauge for the Rage spell of the Orcs.

Each race has a unique spell that gives them special abilities in battle. Known as Racial Spells, they are activated automatically once their respective gauges are filled. These gauges take a few battles to fill up, but the rewards are well worth the wait!

Orcs have access to the Rage spell, which triggers when enough of their troops perish in numerous battles. Enraged troops will refuse to fall, becoming immune to death for a few seconds and taking reduced damage. Humans can utilize the Forceshield spell, activating once enough Human structures have fallen over the course of multiple defensive battles. Structures protected with the Forceshield take no damage for a period of time.

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Embedded deep in the land of Warmonger™ lays an array of rare and powerful minerals known as Ores. These Ores can be weaved into the armor of your Troops and Turrets to imbue special properties that boost their offensive and defensive power. To acquire these Ores, you will have to utilize Mongers, creatures that are capable of burrowing deep into the land.

Bred specifically to hunt for Ores, these Mongers are extremely sensitive to the presence of Ores. They trill with excitement when brought into close proximity of Ores, and eagerly get to work when let loose.

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A total of 8 different Ores for you to uncover and upgrade your Troops and Turrets with!

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How Bronzion will affect the stats of Troops.


A Monger at work

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An exciting feature being introduced in Warmonger™ is the ability for players to convert their structures into other structures. Realize that you need to store more troops instead of gold? Our Building Credits system allows you to achieve that effortlessly.


Simply choose a structure with the same required Building Credits cost, and you can start converting your structure! This feature gives our players the freedom to switch their kingdoms into specific modes meant for farming, war, and much more. Make your base work for you, not the other way round, and say goodbye to the long grinding process!


Building Conversion in action

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Customization of Alliance Emblems for your team identity!

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War Map Cropped.png

To mimic the intense theater of war of real life, Warmonger™ will apply special effects on kingdoms engaged in War. These effects are intended to intensify the strategic elements of War in the game, where one misstep will reap disastrous outcomes for your Alliance. Resource production takes a hit, and decisions on what Troops to train with those limited resources will play a big part in deciding which Alliance comes out on top in the end.

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How War will hit kingdoms of both Alliances.

Wars will consist of each Kingdom engaging in head-to-head battles with opposing Kingdoms. Players will earn Destruction Points(DP) for their Alliances in these battles, based on the total amount of damage they deal to their enemies. At the end of the War Period, the Alliance with the highest amount of DP will be declared victorious.


One new concept being rolled out in Warmonger™ is the Overtime mechanic. Overtime occurs when at the end of the War Period, the DP earned by both Alliances are too close to call. This Overtime Period also increases the Effects of War, putting an even greater strain on Alliances. At this point, Alliances are given an extra 24 hours to reorganize a last ditch attack on their opponents and claim victory!

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Total Destruction Point accumulation & discover the secret points multiplier!

Overtime: Extra time with enhanced intensity War Effects

In addition to Troops, Elites, and Heroes that can be brought into battle, Legendary Guardians are available as powerful tools of War for players. Legendary Guardians require a vast amount of resources to be offered as tribute before they allow themselves to be summoned. Their imposing presence on the battlefield places even more negative effects on the enemy Alliance, intensifying existing War Effects.

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How the Kraken affects an enemy Alliance.

To the victor goes the spoils! Warmonger™ features Warchests that reward you with a cache of items after each War. Both Alliances involved in a War will earn a Warchest at the end of it. However, the victor will enjoy getting one of a higher tier. Warchests range from Common, to Superior, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the tier of Warchest you gain from a War, the higher the chances that you'll get Legendary loot! 

Warmonger™ introduces a War Intensity mechanic, where a War is judged to be more intense if the DP secured by each Alliance are close. Highly intense Wars will be rewarded with higher tiers of Warchests!

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Greater War Intensity yields greater rewardsI

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All the content presented above barely scratches the surface of the depth of content you will find in the game.

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Warmonger™ is split into 4 parts: first release and 3 major expansions. It will be designed such that new players find it a breeze to pick up and get the hang of coming up with strategies, while still giving seasoned players of the genre new and refreshing experiences.These expansions will include new races, new features, and grow the existing combat, and progression systems.